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J2 Cards

J2 Cards is a Phoenix, Arizona based company founded by John W. Edwards. Jonathan Kendall joined in 2018 as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. Edwards is best known for the classic rock recording label, Renaissance Records. www.renaissancerecordsus.com

Music Music Music

J2 is committed to the development of high-end trading cards for all types of musical subjects. Currently we produce cards for classic rock, classic rhythm and blues/soul, new wave and heavy metal genres.

Classic Rock

Currently there are 1086 classic rock cards spread over nine series.

Classic R&B/Soul

Currently there are 210 classic r&b/soul cards in Series 1. Series 2 is planned for late 2020.

New Wave

Currently there are 242 cards in the new wave set.

Heavy Metal

The heavy metal set is planned for late 2020.


J2 also produces high-end glossy trading cards for NASA related and Space Exploration related projects.

USA Space Mission Trading Cards

- a complete history of NASA's crewed (and a few uncrewed) space missions from Mercury forward. Each card has facts, mission patches

real NASA photographs and a short summary of each mission. A great collection for space enthusiasts of all ages.

Series 1 is #1-100, Series 2 is #101-200.

U.S. Presidents

- official Presidential portraits of all 45 U.S. Presidents, with biographical data and accomplishments on the back of each card. Includes a Presidential Seal checklist.